Marine paints

​we provide a full range of products in the field of marine and container industries, ships, bridges, maintenance products for yacht owners and Yacht Markets and continuous technical service to our customers.

Protective coatings

The main task of protective coatings is to control and prevent corrosion, uncontrolled corrosion can cause serious damage to valuable equipment, steel structures and capital investments and can endanger human life therefore, optimum selection and application of Protective Coatings is of tremendous importance

PROTECH sells products  to companies active in industries related to offshore, energy, storage tanks, containers, power stations, pipe lines and for all heavy duty coating systems exposed to  corrosive forces of nature and aggressive conditions ( chemicals, fluctuating temperature, abrasion, ultraviolet light, moisture and many other factors ) and for small and large infrastructure projects.

Industrial Coatings

For new systems and for maintenance of ferrous and nonferrous metals, PROTECH PC  is the best choice for all types of industrial coatings

PROTECH offers a wide range of quality products and services designed for industrial coating applications on ferrous and non-ferrous metals like steel structures, steel furniture, steel supports, windows, doors and for use over Aluminum, hot dipped galvanized steel, sheet metal are often used in the manufacture of roofs, column covers, wall panels, pre-engineered metal buildings and components, and similar consumer products.

Wood finish

is a coatings manufacturer and supplier of industrial wood finishing systems and we are committed to providing technical and cost-effective wood finishing solutions for  the wood finish (sealer, surface, stains, varnishes) based on various systems like poly urethane, nitro cellulose, poly ester and alkyd

Flooring system

PROTECH produces various ranges of flooring system (sports flexible flooring system, self-leveling, mortar, industrial flooring hard top

Decorative paints

​PROTECH is a leading coatings supplier for the decorative, protective, and marine. From bridges to hospitals, ships, power stations and homes, our coatings protect man-made structures from the corrosive forces of nature

Printing inks